About us

We started our kennel out of love for the American Bully breed. We are located in the north of the Netherlands.

Through our kennel we would like to introduce the public to the great character traits of the breed.

It is very important to us that our dogs have the best possible life. Our dogs receive a complete program every day. In which exercise, training and good nutrition play a major role. We provide firm leadership to our dogs and have instilled the importance of respect both for their human masters and their pack.

In our breeding program we only use the very best XL – XXL bloodlines, so that we can produce the most beautiful puppies.

We work with the following bloodlines:

  • Bossy
  • DDK9
  • Topdog
  • Lolo bullies
  • XLK Lock
  • BGK
  • Razors Edge

About our puppies / breedings

Our puppies all have an ABKC pedigree. We sell our puppies without earcrop, it is prohibited in the Netherlands to sell puppies with earcrop. Some of our dogs have had their ears cropped, these have been imported from countries where this is not prohibited.

At HQB kennel we breed loyal, empathetic and beautiful companions. That’s why we care a lot about where our puppies are placed and try to make sure they go to good families.

We have a zero-tolerance policy against dog fighting or other such behavior that leads to a false American Bully breed.

Camo - XXL American Bully Kennel Nederland


Indy - XXL American Bully Kennel Nederland


Anjing - XXL American Bully Kennel Nederland